Sustainable Investments

At Anvest Alternative Investments, we focus on sustainable, organic and fair trade industries and projects. This involves production of organic food and feed, but also investments in sustainable projects and organic retail projects.

Organic and Fair Trade

Sustainable production of organic and Fair-trade food and non-food products constitutes an important basis for our future. More and more people are living and consuming more conscious.

Organic food is good for people, good for animals and good for the environment. A biological system works in harmony with nature, instead of exhausting the environment with environmentally unfriendly chemicals, fertilizers and antibiotics.

Anvest Alternative Investments invests in manufacturing companies specializing in sustainable production of organic and Fair-trade products, in both the food and the non-food industries.  Efficiency is derived from the sale of these sustainable products.

Renewable Energy

Climate change and the increasing scarce of raw materials are key issues for the future. Renewable energy forms, such as solar, wind, hydro and biomass constitute a solution. These do contribute significantly to protecting the environment and also saves resources.

Anvest Alternative Investments focuses on this form of energy production and invest in various renewable energy projects.

Profit is derived from the sale of energy. In addition, from trading in CO2 certificates.

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